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In astrology the Sun is the mind, sight, and perception. You cannot see the mind. You cannot see sight.

Who Moved My Stars? A Tale of Three Zodiacs

And you cannot perceive perception. Much like you cannot take your eyes out of your head and look at them. The very nature of the mind and perception is that you cannot turn it back on itself to see it. Just like you cannot see the Sun as it truly is, you cannot see the mind.

The Sun is the light that illuminates allowing perception. The Sun is the concept of your self, the idea of who you are that you project into the world, and that you seek to see reflected back to you. There is no you without your body. What is the body in astrology? And we know that the Moon is about family, mother, your home, your tribe. Identity is a funny thing.

Social science and philosophy ask and attempt to answer questions about how identity is formed. There is no you without things. This is why I see astrology as a social science and a tool of divination. It very clearly articulates the nature of human life, the self, and how it comes into being. But, if you believe that who you are is something that exists in this rigid form, separate from your relationships, family, and society, rather than emerging from those things, then of course you think that the Sun is the most important planet in the natal chart.

The Sun is the father, significant men, and authority figures. It is your mind, the concept of how you perceive your self, the lens through which your mind perceives the world around you. The Sun is how you think of yourself, yet it says nothing of who you are and what you do out in the world.

Everything You Need To Know About Sidereal Astrology

The Sun says nothing of how others see you. It says nothing of how you function and the roles you play in life. If the Moon is the body, this is 13 cycles of nourishing and nurturing that body. At that time you answer to your name, and you have come to understand whether or not needs you have and express will be fulfilled. Will someone answer when you cry? At mid month the Sun enters Virgo at the same time Saturn stations direct September 18 th , ending a roughly five month long retrograde in sidereal Sagittarius.

Practical considerations come into focus and we can begin to make faster progress towards our highest aspirations. Mars moves into Virgo September 26 th , bringing a surge of energy and activity to our Virgo house just in time for the new moon there. Expect to be busy with the details of daily life while Mars is here, until early November. We may prefer to stick with the tried and true, taking comfort in the familiar, the traditional, even old-fashioned near this date, even at the risk of not making as much progress as we might with a more unconventional approach.

This new moon holds a great deal of potential if we are willing to take practical, concrete steps toward manifesting the fruits of our labors. Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world.

Something surprising could come out of it, and you may find you learn a valuable lesson about your own unconscious beliefs. A new work related project begun with the late September new moon has the potential to impact many areas of your life in a positive way.

A career matter may come to a head at mid month, leaving you scrambling behind the scenes with the unexpected fallout. The mid September full moon lights up your international sector, dear Gemini, suggesting dealings with foreigners, or long distance travel, and even publishing or broadcasting ventures on your agenda. Are you an online professional? Enhance your web presence with this full moon and then watch for surprises while you network. Or, you may be involved with one or both parents.

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An opportunity may come out of the blue, or you may find yourself in the aftermath of an unexpected reversal of fortune in your professional life. Or, you could see a travel opportunity come your way or be called on to help a sibling, extended family member, or neighbor. A partnership matter may be coming to a head near the full moon in Aquarius at mid month. An unexpected or last minute travel or PR opportunity could result. If you need to take on a new expense, plan for how you can budget that in over time without disrupting your finances greatly.

Or, an employee or a pet could be affected. You birthday new moon arrives in late September, dear Virgo, a once-a-year opportunity to take the first steps towards anything you want. How will you use your birthday new moon this year?

Virgo 2019 Yearly Horoscope - True Sidereal Astrology

Whatever you begin holds the potential to impact many areas of your life in a positive way. Then, at the late September new moon take time out to begin a new personal project--something just for you--that you can enjoy privately. Virgo is neat and fastidious. Virgo also is service-oriented. Virgo is inclined to be humble, with a desire more to serve than to shine on the front stage. We find Virgos people with many planets in Virgo working as analysts, accountants, secretaries, and specialists. In this video we share the results of a study of people who have the greatest amount of Virgo in their birth charts and we find that they fit this alternative interpretation of Virgo: Virgo is instinctively very sensitive to the underlying natural order.

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Virgo strives to make us appreciate this inherent beautiful order and to improve our lives by living in tune with the natural order. Virgo strives to make our lives aligned with the natural order, design, and laws of nature. Although not usually conscious of it, Virgo gives a kind of Plat. The usual interpretation of Libra is that Libra seeks balance in everything and avoids extremes. Friends are extremely important and Libra will often go along with what a friend wants to do and may not even voice their own preference or opinion. Ruled by Venus, Libra avoids confrontation and frequently will nod their head in agreement with you when actually the Libran disagrees.

The people with the most Libra in their birth charts among thousands of people with recorded birth times are: Frank Coppola, Mafia mobster Mercello Abaddo, music conductor, composer and pianist Walther Rathenau, politician and industrialist Clemence Poesy, actress and model Frank Coppola, a Mafia leader, was not a quiet, meek, and complacent person.

Librans are not necessarily indecisive and meek.

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However, from the biographical information available, it ap. The zodiac sign Scorpio is, of course, the scorpion, but some astrologers also relate Scorpio to a snake, eagle, and Phoenix.

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Scorpio is said to the sign of transformation and also a sign that makes a person intense, secretive, mysterious, charismatic, and sexy. In a study of the most extreme famous Scorpio people we see if these ideas about Scorpio are true. We also look at the birth chart of another extreme Scorpio, comedian Art Carney. This study suggests that Scorpio inclines a person to intensely bond and to fully immerse themselves in whatever they do.

Thus, there is a popular image of Scorpio as the heart surgeon or hypnotist. This intense bonding often, but not always, inclines the person to have the personality characteristics, life experiences, and archetypal themes that are attributed to Scorpio. Using the database of over 85, chart data and over 22, chart data with AA accuracy and the research features in the Sirius 2. We analyze the biographical information to see if the people have Sagittarian personality characteristics.

All four people approach life with the large vision and grand scope that Sagittarius brings to whatever it does. Perego creates a puppet who tells the Sagittarian story of facing trials in life's adventures and eventually reaching success. Turina composes a rich variety of musical pieces for different kinds of instruments, orchestras, and he incorporates many elements into music that is uplifting. Sagittarius always takes us on an adventure. Luciano runs a large criminal enterprise on a grand scale.

The Sun Is In Sidereal Virgo: | Western Sidereal Astrology

Using the research features and over 85, chart data and over 22, chart data with AA accuracy in the Sirius 2. Thee birth data of these 3 people has AA accuracy and we also consider opera manager Rudolph Bing whose birth time accuracy is A. We conclude that all of these people have in their lives an emphasis on approaching life in a detached and objective manner.

For example, Alberonia writes in an objective way about the nature of love, romance, and sexuality and develops what he considers a "science of love". The Capricorn inclination to see life with this objectivity is clear but other traits associated with Capricorn are not as conspicuous from his biography.

The proposed interpretation of Capricorn as an approach to life in which the ability to see things. A research study on the zodiac sign Aquarius suggests that the major personality trait of Aquarius is a motivation to participate in a social group, and to be a part of a collective that is bigger than oneself. Astrological meaning of Pisces based on an evidence-based approach to astrology. Extreme case sampling is used to understand what the astrological significance of the zodiac sign Pisces is.

In this book "The Pulse of Life" Dane Rudhyar suggested that signs are primarily 12 phases of a cycle. The personality characteristics and behaviors of a zodiac sign are expressions of being in a particular phase. This insight brings greater clarity to our understanding of zodiac signs. Zodiac signs very often do not describe a person's overall personality and behavior very well but they do appear to describe something important about how a person relates to the world and the lens through which a person sees the world.

Examples of 3 three famous people are used to illustrate how the zodiac signs do not describe the overall personality and behavior of a person but do describe the way in which the person relates to the world given whatever talents and motivations the person may have.

The Sirius 1. The modern interpretation of zodiac signs is very different from the ancient interpretations.

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We will find that Ptolemy and Valens interpreted zodiac signs differently from each other, and we will see how the modern approach to zodiac signs is different from both Ptolemy and Valens. Somewhat surprisingly, the evidence suggests that our modern understanding of zodiac signs did not get fully formed until the mid 20th century. In astrology the tropical zodiac signs are often described as "cosmic seasons". Aries is the burst of energy of the Spring season, Libra is the perfect balance when night and day are of equal length, etc. It makes more sense to view zodiac signs as based on sacred geometry rather than the seasons.